Building Reinforcement History

*Always Use a Leash*

As a Street Safe Dog Student, you do not hold any parties responsible for the safety or well-being of you and your dog(s). There is no way to guarantee your safety or your dog's safety.

This will most likely be the easiest step. The entire purpose of this step is to build a reward/reinforcement history off of the street. We are teaching your dog that great things happen off the street and nothing good happens in the street.

It's important to reward your dog a variety of different ways. Reward them with food, toys, praise, and touch - assuming your dog finds all of those things rewarding. Even when you feel like you aren't accomplishing anything, know that you are.

The more reinforcement/reward history you can apply in Step 1, the easier Step 2 will be.


  • Watch the Unedited Training Sessions
  • Use the links below to order my suggested training tools (optional)
  • Find a reward your dog absolutely LOVES
  • Reward your dog for not being in the street
  • Continue training the visual "come" signal with your hand

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