Street Safe Dog

Protect Your Dog: Easily train your dog to avoid going on the street and know your dog will never be at risk of being hit by a car.

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What if you could EASILY train your dog to avoid the street, regardless of distractions?


Here's a secret: You can.

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Each year, 1.2 MILLION dogs are hit and killed by a car.



You can EASILY train your dog to avoid the street and NEVER be part of this devastating statistic.

You can also EASILY train your dog to:

Avoid the street, regardless of distractions.

ONLY cross the street when you ask.

Sit, Stay, and Come the FIRST time you ask.

Decrease problem behaviors like jumping or barking.


Training your dog doesn't have to be hard!

I've taught countless clients (aka: pet parents) my exact step-by-step system that trains your dog to actually listen to you.

Having an obedient dog isn't just about your dog performing "tricks" when ask... it's also about protecting their life.

And now,

I'm going to help you protect your dog's life.

Meet your complete guide to making your dog street safe:

Street Safe Dog is my step by step program that will teach you how to easily train your dog to NOT go in the street (unless you ASK your dog to enter the street).

Discover the 3 simple steps that will transform your dogs behavior... in as little as 20 minutes.

Not only am I a professional animal behaviorist and dog trainer, but I'm also a proud pet parent to Callie (a yellow lab).

I don't view Callie as "just a dog." She is my child and it is MY responsibility to take care of her.

I have trained Callie to do a lot of tricks... but teaching her avoid the street is THE most important behavior I've ever taught her.

I know Callie will NOT enter the street unless I ask her to.


I don't want 1.2 million dogs to die this year from something that can so EASILY be avoided.

THAT is why I created this digital program... so loving pet parents, like you, can follow my simple system to protect your dog's life.

I know you love your dog like I do.

That's why I can't wait to show you exactly how to protect your dog's life.

Let's get started today!


"I think (Street Safe Dog) has literally saved Gizmo's life."

- Kate

Kate's dog, Gizmo, loves to chase skateboards and cars... putting himself in danger on a daily basis.

Kate knew she needed to be a responsible dog parent, so she took Gizmo through the Street Safe Dog training program and got INSTANT results.

Gizmo pays more attention to Kate and less attention to skateboarders, bicycles, and trucks that pass by. Gizmo also doesn't go into the street unless Kate asks him to safely across the street with her.

(Scroll down to watch her video and hear her story.)


Meet Grace and Bernardo

Pet Parents to Zen and Kona

The only thing worse about one dog running into the street is TWO dogs running into the street.

Grace and Bernardo love their two pups, Zen and Kora.

Unfortunately, both dogs were easily distracted and constantly ran into traffic. With their focus elsewhere, they would ignore Grace and Bernardo and not respond to their calls.

This made Grace and Bernardo extremely nervous to ever take their dogs outside of the safety of their home.

Until now!

After working with Zen and Kora through the Street Safe Dog program, both dogs are now able to travel with Grace and Bernardo without the fear of them running into the street.

They are also the most well behaved they've ever been.

Watch to learn more about their journey! Thanks to the program, Grace and Bernardo now know their dogs will NOT run into the street and are confident that their dog will pay attention to them.

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This has been a miracle to me! I know they (Zen and Kora) aren’t going into the street unless we ask them to… and that is just amazing.”

- Grace

“I had done a lot of research online about the best way to train them (Zen and Kora), especially with an Alaskan Klee Kai (Zen’s breed), and everything said how hard it is because they listen very little… most forums basically said don’t try!…

We weren’t doing the things that triggered their best behavior…. so no matter if you think that your dog doesn’t listen, or your dog can’t be trained, it IS possible. This training (Street Safe Dog) has really showed us that!”

- Bernado


Are YOU ready to rest assured that your dog is Street Safe?

Are YOU ready to have a dog that will Sit, Stay, and Come the FIRST time you ask?

I'm going to show you how...

in 3 easy steps.


So what's included with the program?

Street Safe Dog is an online program,

which means you have immediate access to ALL the content across all devices.

I'll teach you how to make your dog Street Safe in just 3 easy steps.

Street Safe Dog is broken down into 3 modules (or sections) that will clearly explain to you and actually SHOW you exactly how to train your dog in the most effective way possible.

Step 1:

Your Dog Knows Exactly Where He/She Should Be

In Step 1, you'll teach your dog where the safe area is (which areas are ok to be in).

This course ONLY uses positive reinforcement- there is NO aversive punishment, shock collars, etc.

The goal is to create an impactful relationship with your dog so that your dog looks to YOU for direction, rather that reacting on his/her own. This will prevent your dog from darting out into the street and placing themselves in danger.

Step 2:

Your Dog Avoids The Street- REGARDLESS of Distractions

In Step 2, your dog will avoid the street, REGARDLESS of what distractions are in the environment.

This is where you will really start to see RESULTS!

Sticks, toys, FOOD, other dogs, other cats, squirrels, etc... will NOT lead your dog into the street!

(Again, you will ONLY be using positive reinforcement... not punishment.)

Step 3:

YOU Tell Your Dog When It Is Safe To Enter The Street

Of course, at times you will need your dog to enter the street.

In Step 3, you'll learn to invite your dog into the street when YOU decide you need your dog to into the street.

This step ensures that your dog will crossing the street with you when it's safe. It also reinforces your dog's desire to look at YOU for direction.

Bonus Content:

Watch Others Go Through The Street Safe Dog Program

It's easy for wanna-be dog trainers to show you prefect results when using well-trained dogs and flattering editing.

I am NOT a wanna-be dog trainer. My system works and I prove it with these UNEDITED dog training sessions.

You will see three UNEDITED training sessions in EACH Module with real people... NOT dog trainers.

They had no experience in the program until we turned on the camera.

Learn from me and learn from people going through the course in this bonus content.


Marissa's dog, Batman, LOVES squirrels and other dogs. He loves them so much, that if he sees one across the street, he will run into traffic to try to catch the squirrel. Batman has had too many close calls. Marissa knew she had to do something.

Once Marissa went through the introduction video and learned my secret to dog training, not only did Batman listen better... but problem behaviors like jumping went away!

In 10 minutes, Batman was paying attention to Marissa and not running into the street despite the presence of other dogs and squirrels.

(Scroll down to watch her video and hear her story.)


How About Some FREE Bonuses?

(Yep... I said FREE!)

Dog training is my passion.

For that reason... I want to do EVERYTHING I can to set you up for success.

That's why, I've decided to include over $229 of Bonuses...

... for FREE.

Bonus #1:

Get Your Dog To "Sit," "Stay," and "Come"

While this course works for any dog, regardless of how well-behaved they may be, it works better with dogs who understand these three fundamental behaviors; sit, stay, and come.

People pay hundreds of dollars to just learn how to train their dog to sit, stay, and come when called.
Now, you will learn how to do this... absolutely FREE.

Value: $100.

Bonus #2:

My Secret To Getting a Well-Behaved Dog

This secret makes dog training easy!

If your dog jumps, barks, pulls on a leash, chews, pees in the house - my secret to dog training will help you see less undesirable behavior and more desirable behavior.

When I share my secret to dog training with you, you are going to throw your hand on your head and say, "Of course! Why didn't I think of that?!"
Once you know my secret, you will be a better dog trainer than most dog owners in America.

Value: $100

Bonus #3:

E-Book "Your Dog Isn't The Problem... You Are!

5 Tips For A Better Dog"

In this 16 page downloadable e-book, you'll discover most common mistakes dog parents make.

I'll show you how to utilize EASY and EFFECTIVE training techniques to get a well-behaved dog.

Value: $19

Bonus #4:

Sample of Answer's Goat Milk

My yellow lab, Callie, LOVES her Goat's Milk!

In fact, the only thing I feed my dog is Answers Pet Food.

Answers has an amazing food product for dogs called Goat's Milk. I have seen a number of positive changes in my dog once she started eating Answers.

Answers has agreed to ship samples of their Goat's Milk to each Street Safe Dog participant. I can't wait for you to share this extremely healthy treat with your dog!

Value: $10

Bonus #5:

Access to the Street Safe Dog PRIVATE Facebook Group

Everything you need to know to train your dog to be Street Safe is included in the Street Safe Dog Training Course.

However, just in case you need more help or want to connect with other dog owners going through the course, you will be given access to our private Facebook group.

I am active in the group and offer free advice, answer questions, and keep you on track.

My goal is to help you achieve your street safe dog training goals.

You get immediate access to these exclusive bonuses when you enroll in Street Safe Dog.


Shannon is a single mother to her beautiful daughter and her dog, Bailey. Bailey would continually run and dart into the street... putting himself in danger.

Even scarier, Shannon's daughter would chase Bailey into the street... putting them BOTH at risk. Shannon knew she needed to do something.

In just a FEW MINUTES after starting the Street Safe Dog program, Shannon saw results! Bailey was actively avoiding the street and paying more attention to Shannon.

In less than TWENTY MINUTES, Bailey would not go into the street unless given the secret command.

(Scroll down to watch her video and hear her story.)


"So who IS Kyle Kittleson and why should I listen to him?"

- You Ask

Meet Professional Dog Trainer and Animal Behaviorist:

Kyle Kittleson

Hey there, my name is Kyle.

I'm a professional animal behaviorist and dog trainer with over 10 years of experience. In the last decade, I have worked with more than two dozen species of animals.

You may have seen me on the Hallmark Channel, Fox, NPR, Nat Geo Wild, and other TV stations sharing tips to help dog parents get better results ONLY using positive reinforcement.

As a professional dog trainer, I also consult for a variety of dog trainers and companies. I have helped 1,000's of dog parents transform their dogs behavior, eliminate problem behaviors, and learn how to be street safe (THE most important behavior).

My passion and goal is for all dog parents to not only love their dogs, but like them! That all starts with taking responsibility for their health, safety, and behavior.

As a dog trainer and proud pet parent, I'm all about ONE thing: RESULTS.

Results you can easily train and easily maintain.

Training your dog doesn't have to be hard... let me show you, just like I have 1,000's of others!

I can't wait to share this program with you. I've poured my heart and my soul into creating a program that is easy to implement, quickly creates results, and is EVERYTHING I share with my private training clients... for a FRACTION of the price.

I'm so excited to help you keep your dog happy, healthy, and safe.

The fact that are you even here demonstrates how much you love your dog.

Now, it's time to take some action, apply my simple techniques, and keep your dog safe.


Once you enroll, you will have IMMEDIATE access to all of the content in Street Safe Dog PLUS access to all 5 FREE Bonuses (Valued at over $229).

Let's Get Started Today!


Jon and Kristin had a friend who lost their dog after it was hit by a car. So, when Jon and Kristin became proud parents to Chef, a 4-month-old retriever puppy, they wanted to do everything they could to protect Chef.

Both Jon and Kristin were surprised to see results in ONLY 2 or 3 times of showing Chef where it was safe and not safe to be.

No dog is too young or too old to become Street Safe.

(Scroll down to watch their video and hear their story.)


Oh...did I mention it's all Risk-Free?

Street Safe Dog is jam-packed with all the tools, techniques, and information that will help you make your dog Street Safe.

This program also teaches you how to easily train your dog to pay attention to you, respond when you ask him/her to do something, decrease problem behaviors, and only cross the street when you ask.

I am confident that you will LOVE the Street Safe Dog program (and all the FREE bonuses!).

My goal is for you (and your dog!) to be happy.

However, if for some reason, you aren't satisfied with the program, shoot me an email within 30 days and I'll gladly give you a FULL refund


Wanna Sneak Peak INSIDE The Program?

Elaine and Mort walk their dog Marley every day. However, as Marley began getting older they noticed he would often wander into the street or pull Elaine and Mort on their walks.

Elaine and Mort took Marley through the Street Safe Dog training program and immediately Marley started avoiding the street and stopped pulling on the leash.

It is important for Elaine and Mort to feel safe on their walks as well as to keep Marley safe. This program gave all three of them that peace of mind.

(Scroll down to watch their video and hear their story.)


THIS is your moment to take action and protect your dog's life.

You're about to see how EASY it is to train your dog.

So many people pay $100's dollars for a professional dog trainer.

I'm here to show you how SIMPLE it is to get RESULTS... for only a fraction of the cost.

This is your chance to risk absolutely NOTHING.

I can't wait to hear about your results!

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does this course take?
Most people see results in 3-5 days, working 10-15 minutes per day. However, many people see results in just a matter of minutes. Your dog is smart. When you learn how to properly communicate with your dog, you should see results quickly. Once your dog has completed the Street Safe Dog training course, you will likely need to do one 5 minute follow-up session every 30-60 days.
Do you guarantee this will work?
I do not. I have no idea if you’ll watch the videos and implement my techniques or give up after the first 60 seconds. So far, nobody has asked for their money back and I have received zero complaints. However, if you’re the first person to want their money back - just let me know within 30-days of the purchase date and I will refund you your money - no questions asked! Make sure you review the testimonial videos to see what graduates are saying about the Street Safe Dog training course.
My dog is old, can this still work?
Absolutely. You can train your dog to do anything it is physically capable of doing. Yes, old dogs can learn new tricks. ;)
How old does my dog have to be to start the training?
I would suggest starting training at around 3 months or later. Some dogs can start earlier, however, in most cases 3 month and older dogs pick up quickly!
My dog doesn’t like being on a leash. Is my dog still a candidate for this course?
Yes. This training should also make your dog behave better on a leash. Remember, this isn’t just a course on how to protect your dog from the dangers of the road - this is also a course designed to help you have a better, well-behaved dog!
Kyle, my dog is crazy. I mean, really crazy! Can this course help my crazy dog?
Yes. I have seen a lot of “crazy” dogs. They need this training more than all the other dogs! If your dog is driving you crazy…what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!
What if I end up hating your course and hating your guts?
Whoa. Harsh. If you end up hating the course (and me), then I am happy to give you your money back within 30-days of the purchase date. And then you can send me a tweet about how much you hate my guts. ;)
Kyle, can I just pay you to train my dog?
You can. I charge $575/hr for personal training and live in Los Angeles, CA. Or, you can take this course, get a better, well-behaved dog who will stay safe from the dangers of the road, save a ton of money, AND get a FREE personal, digital training session with an expert trainer from Tully’s Training! That personal training session is included free when you purchase Street Safe Dog.
My dog is always on a leash, do I still need this course?
You do not need this course, but your dog does. Nobody thinks their dog is going to get hit by a car. However, the truth remains, 1.2 million dogs are killed from getting hit by a car each year. Why wouldn’t you do everything you could to protect your dog? Especially when the solution is simple, won’t take much of your time, only uses positive reinforcement, and comes with a money back guarantee?
Are you going to make me yell and hit my dog?
No! I NEVER use punishment training techniques. My program ONLY uses positive reinforcement. No shock collars, no yelling, no hitting. Only love here.
How will I know when it is safe for my dog to be near a street?
It’s never a good idea for your dog to be near a street. However, you will notice your avoiding the street in the second step of the course. Most people will see their dog actively avoiding the street within a day or two after working with their dog. We will also be testing your dog’s ability to avoid the street by using distractions. For example, we’ll be throwing food into the street and rewarding him for making the choice to stay out of the road.
Does this really work?
You bet it does! As a dog trainer, I'm all about 1 thing: RESULTS! Actual, real results you can easily train and maintain. I can't wait to show you how easy it can be to train your dog. Why don't you just see for yourself... watch the videos below of REAL pet parents that completed the Street Safe Dog program.

New Puppy Parents

A Single Mother

An Old Dog Learns a New Trick!

Squirrel Crazy Dog

Dog Who Loves Skateboards & Cars


This is your chance to easily train THE most important behavior your dog NEEDS to know.

I can't wait to help you train your dog to stay out of the street, respond to your commands, only enter the street with you ask, and decrease problem behaviors.

Enroll now and gain immediate access to Street Safe dog AND all 5 Bonuses.

I can't wait to see you inside (AND in my private Facebook group!)